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Posted by on 2019/10/05 under Life

Nothing is going good in my life..i am still depressed with the incident which happened to me 4 months ago due to which our whole friend circle got vanished,we have to leave our flat one of my flatemate called back to his home by his of my friend dtarted to leave apart from me with his relative..we three were not just friends we are bhaiis and not only we thre we have a huge friend circle of 10-15 peoples we all regularly drinks alcohal we 3 leave apart from our house we all had enough money for drinking and enjoying life but everything changed in just one night when we 5 were caught by police. We all got separated from each other i still feel crying when i think about my life after that my life is completely borring and i started hating my life i have nothing to do just have friend circle of my collage groups i dont like them much as compare to my drinking partners we had a lot of blind memories which we can share all over our live.
Now i am changed i dont drink like before i font have enough money now i feel so alone i dont have any close friend my parents have money crisis due to which i argue with them demanfing more money daily.but i love them any my day was so bad.i feel like dying i am not enjoying my life i dont have a good flat sorry flatmates life is completely borring but i cant fo any thing now there is nothing in my hand now.make me feel good god i pray.

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