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A certain morning, around 3 AM, Jane heard the door of the bedroom open. That wasn't a first. The children often came into the bedroom to wake one of their parents up whenever something was wrong. Whether it was due to feeling ill, being bothered by the each other or hearing an odd sound in the house. While often David was the one to be woken up by one of the kids, this time, it seemed to be Jane's turn. Warm, soft hands pressed to her shoulder and gently shook her in order to catch her attention.

"I'm already awake… What is it, sweetie?", Jane asked in a whisper, turning herself onto her side to gaze upon the figure standing beside her bed. The only light she received was the dim moonlight shining through the window. The woman knew her children, however. It was easy for her to figure out which one of her 3 kids it happened to be.

There was a moment of silence before Jane received a reply. It sounded panicky, even a tad shocked and freaked out. "Mom… I woke up and something happened… It's in my bed…"

The way her son's voice sounded, truly caught Jane off guard. Within an instant, she came out of the bed and put on a robe before silently tiptoeing her way out of the room, followed by Arthur. Once in the hall, when Jane was sure there was no risk in waking her husband up anymore, she looked at Arthur's concerned face and questioned "What's in your bed?"

Somehow, she felt like there was a hint of shame on Arthur's facial features as well. "I… I know it's not pee. Definitely not pee. But something else happened and it's a mess.", Arthur explained. Jane instantly knew what the issue was. Her son's first wet dream. He was around that age and she was perfectly aware this day would come. She wholeheartedly assured him "Sweetie, it's all fine. Go wash yourself up, I'll go get clean bed sheets and make sure your bed is alright to sleep in." while making her way to get clean bedclothes.

While his mother was down stairs, Arthur went back to his room. He eyed the stain on his bed once more, then lowered his gaze onto the spot in his boxers. He truly did have a weird dream. And it was a good thing his mother didn't ask any further questions about it, as the poor boy knew he did not wish to answer those.

Jane soon enough made her into Arthur's room. The room had his scent all over it, and Jane realized she actually barely ever entered her son's room. She flicked the lights on. Such nostalgia. It seemed like only yesterday when she and David had cleaned the place up and bought the furniture so their only son could have his own room. Her feet wandered along the floor in his room, straight to his bed to rid his bed from its current bed sheets.

"You're finally growing up to become a big boy, you know that?", the woman hummed in such a manner, it almost sounded seductive. While she bent forward to pull a clean duvet over his mattress, Arthur couldn't help but stare. Not at the clean duvet, but at his own mother. His eyes appeared to be so focused on her bum, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't look away. It was as if the boy's mind forced him to look at his mom that way. To even think of his own mother that way.

When Jane received no answer, she glanced behind her. Only then, Arthur snapped out of it, but the damage had been done. Jane had caught her own son staring at her, thinking of her, and the result was visible in his dirty boxers. Arthur prepared himself to be lectured, but instead, his mom suddenly giggled. She literally giggled, much to Arthur's confusion. "Want to know what it feels like?", Jane suddenly mused, releasing the duvet and turning herself to her son. She even brought herself to her knees, right in front of him, meeting his eyes.

Arthur was a flustered mess at that point. "I… I… Guess so?", he stuttered in all nervousness. He wasn't aware of what she was about to do, why she looked at him like that, why he suddenly felt even more attracted to his mom than before. And then it happened.

In only a matter of seconds, his boxers were pulled down to his ankles and a set of plump lips pressed to his length. "Mom, that's…", Arthur started, but any moral concerns were tossed right out the window when his mom licked along his warm, hardened shaft. The young boy wasn't sure what was happening. It was so questionable. It all went so quick, too, and he was fairly certain his mother wasn't supposed to be doing that.

"Shh, just enjoy, honey… Mommy will make you feel good.", Jane whispered before propping Arthur's length into her mouth, past those plump lips of hers. She was used to it, apparently, as she easily managed to move his whole length in. It was a matter of combined circumstances. Both her experiences with her husband and Arthur's not all too grown size made it easy for her.

As she lapped her tongue along the skin of his length and tenderly sucked, Arthur quivered and moaned at the feeling. He was feeling something he had never felt before. It was indescribable. His mind felt so clouded and purely instinctively, his hips started thrusting forward. Though, when he heard Jane let out a muffled "Hmph…" around his length, he suddenly stopped. Did he hurt her? Was she having difficulties breathing?

Jane's eyes looked up, as if encouraging him to go on, and her hands pressed to his thighs. Despite that, it took Arthur a few seconds before he realized he was good to go again. He started thrusting back and forth once more, holding onto his mom's hair as he did so. Her mouth felt so warm, tongue pressing and licking all over while she sucked, which drew more breathy moans from Arthur.

His moans were like music. Satisfying, sinful music. Every soft 'Mhh…', every silent 'Mom…' and every breathless 'Ah…' truly turned Jane on. And that arousal got boosted when her mouth suddenly got filled with hot, sticky liquid. His thighs quivered even more against her hands, even spasming a tad, while Arthur cried out the most pathetic-sounding "Mooom…". Jane proudly swallowed her son's load, then freed his c*** from her mouth.

"See? Such a big boy. My big boy.", the woman sweetly complimented, leaning up to peck Arthur's cheek. "Go get some sleep now. Sweet dreams, honey." He watched his mom's hips sway as she left the room just like that. As if the moment never happened. She didn't even provide any aftercare, nor an explanation. It left Arthur more puzzled than he already happened to be. Maybe this had been a sweet dream all along. The sweet dream Jane wished him to have.

The sweet boy whispered "Wow…" as he climbed into his bed, snuggling up to the duvet on his bed. His body was sweaty and oddly satisfied. More satisfied than he claimed to feel when he woke up earlier. He truly was becoming a big boy now. His mom's big boy. Her big boy.

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