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Posted by on 2019/08/11 under Life

Yet again my friends i have no idea what to write about. I have lit at least 4 or 5 nag champa incense sticks. The room is smoke filled. Major league wrestling is on the tv. Its dark i can hear the distant sounds of the motorway. Trees rustling there is a gale of sorts. Its so difficult to tell in England. Weather is so capricious here. I just gorged on sweet popcorn and a twirl bar. There is some great stuff on this website i am enjoying the recent poetry. I just masturbated over porn and i feel bad. I feel like i have wasted my juices over a cheap thrill. It even made my penis ache a little bit. Man i am one desperate guy. I read in a zen book that men should only release sperm once per month in the summer. For health reasons and other stuffs. Hey but who knows the truth? we can read so many opinions and examples of what is the correct way to live. I read another one where it says we should have sex or masturbate all the time? so, whats the best way? guess its all relative. Anyway today was another s***e bucket of a day. I just want to sleep, lay down relax. Everyday seems to be s***ty as of late, its s***e day pilled on top of s***e day. Though i have enjoyed being outside i did so much walking.

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