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Posted by on 2019/07/07 under Life

So today I was feeling down and I didn't understand why until I realized it wasn't me – it was my dad.
After that realization I was fine but it makes me wonder now – how many feelings have I felt that aren't mine, but I totally thought they were?

2 thoughts on “Being an empath is hard sometimes

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do i know if i have this?
    how does it work

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah- I know how you feel. ha ha ha ha.

    Sounds like you are truly screwed up in the head and fantasize that you have some special gift so you can feel SPECIAL in your own mind. Must of watched too much of those Chinese fantasy cartoons as a kid and it brainwashed your mind to mush and snowflake land……quit living in a fantasy land and realize that in reality, people see you as a deranged retard fool atop of being mental for even making the claim of being an empath.

    To the other guy. How does it work and how do you know if you have this… BS Gift?

    Heres how it works and its pretty simple to fake….ooops I meant master.

    First, master the act of being a lier and con who starves for the spotlight!
    Then…. Simply observe people, their acts, daily behaviors and emotions for a week or so until you can make several accurate calls to their reactions, or the obvious outcomes(just like those bad TV show commercial skits full of Captain Obvious!).

    Then watch for people until you see tale tell signs of their emotions via body language, eavesdrop on conversations until you learn of the targets state of mind and stress tolarance —-or watch for the onset of predictable series of events. Then you either reflect the same emotions and state that you feel their emotions (and other) by acting out the part…

    example- you see some pollock moron using a match to look into a gas can to see if its empty while smoking a cigarette and holding a dripping gas nozzle at a gas station. You immediately fall to the ground and pretend to be in agonizing pain and act like you are being burned alive. Suddenly there is a real EXPLOSION!
    Then as the empath fake, you stand up and start jumping up and down in excitement and glee and point towards the sudden explosion and make the claim…. you see I knew that was going to happen, you saw me fake the pains seconds before he blew up the gas station and all the people in it. They call me MR. EMPATH and super man has no defense against me.


    You wait for them to divulge the information, then make some improvable claim that you picked up on that a day or more prior to the information.
    …..Kind of like freshly dead person ran over at a busy intersection where people commonly run the readlights. Then someone in the crowd (who starves for attention and spotlight) makes the claim I had a vision of that person laying dead at that very same spot….”10″ days ago but was afraid to say anything as people would not believe it..

    then everyone in the crowd’s jaws drop as they turn around slowly and look at the EMPATH in astonishment for their precognition gift….. NOT!!!!!….

    Like I said…. I know how you feel… I feel the same way!

    Hey lets lighten up this with a joke!

    A precog and and empath walk into a strip bar and sit down in the stage seats to watch the girls. A topless waiter comes over and brings them a beer and they feel the waitress grab each of their woodies before she walks away.

    The Precog looks at the Empath with a grin and says, “I knew that was going to happen before we even came in here, that’s why I insisted we come in and have a beer.”
    The Empath says to the Precog, “Yeah, Well I felt it happen before you knew about it, so that is why I swayed you towards the Strip bar.”

    Suddenly a drunk gay guy appears between them and says…. thanks for helping me off the floor guys.

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