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Posted by on 2019/06/11 under Life

I live on $200 a month (sometimes less) and Food Stamps. Out of the 200 I still have to pay my electric and heating bills.

With a college degree in IT, this is my life for the past 8 years. 3rd hand cars built in the 80s and wrecked, maybe new jeans once a year.

Sure I could work, IF SOMEONE WOULD HIRE ME. But out of 2 years of interviews (driving 70 miles to and fro) not one real job offer. I gave up looking. I cant do physical work any more as I spent my earlier part of life beating my ass in the ground and working my ass off for other people. Hard Nigger slave driving work. Even worked and laid in asbestos without PPE or any knowledge of it. Sometimes (as young people) when we work we simply do what the boss says to do (else you get fired), thus you dont think much about your surroundings, you just do what your told.

Now my body feels all the miles! I cant walk more than 300 feet before my hips give out, all my teeth are rotted out (no drugs or addictions), depression, high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetics, cant breath good. etc.

So this is what I get for trying!

Hey! nice $50,000.00 car you spoiled snow flakes!

I could live off of that for 20 years. So dont piss and moan like a spoiled brat because you make $40,000.00 a year and say you cant live on that, and need a cost of living Raise.

Go F****k your selve's!

One thought on “I hate my life and myself

  1. Anonymous says:

    may luck bless you

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