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Posted by on 2019/06/11 under Life

hi I'm Zoe I'm 14 years old.. I did theatre a while back and there was this girl grace she made me depressed. she wasn't mean. in fact she's a very close friend of mine but anyway. she just made me depressed so I began to cut my self at the age of 13 I did it because I was ugly and stupid and felt like I was worthless. I wanted to die so after theatre was over I went to church and one of the youth leaders asked to pray for me so I just busted out in tears I was very sad because my best friend was moving almost across the world from me I live in Texas and she was moving to Montana so that was another reason I cut myself because I have no other friends I didn't know what I was going to do without her so I cried when they asked if there was something wrong so then they prayed and then sarah didn't move I was so happy she was staying but then..just when things couldn't get any better my parents decided to make me and sarah not friends anymore that meant no sleepovers no hangouts no texting no calling NO COMUNICATING and still to this day were not allowed to be friends for the stupidest reason all because I couldn't keep my mouth shut on what she watches wich is the umbrella yeah then I try to make new friends I met this boy conor hes 14 and one night he told me he liked me I told him I liked him back and about a week later we started dating ..know im not allowed to date but I kinda sneak it so yeah..our progress is going good we hug me hold hands we sit together and hes just the sweetest boy I have ever met in my life but then someone told abby we were dating and knowwww my parents know ..yeah now they want to take conor away too I just cant.. I swear if they take him away I might just kill myself because hes the ONLY thing I have

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