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Posted by on 2019/06/11 under Life

I haven't grown up. I'm 22 now, graduated from college. I still don't want to do anything. Or am I just afraid. I just want to dance and then realize I've become the wind. I hate. I love. I'm full of emotion. But nothing at all. I read a quote that said that to stay a boy, to keep the inner child alive, we just have to keep running through life like a little boy would. I think he's right. I need to stop thinking so much. Of course, this sounds negative. But, I do think too much. What do I want to do? I've always liked the idea of basic income. Something in poverty alleviation. yes. It's such a large field. How do I start…honestly it may be fastest to just die and stop being a part of the system. ahlalaaaaa. How do I help move money….poverty alleviation is a stupid term. that's why no one uses it. You need to help something specifically. what shall i do. merdee. help make things affordable. accessible. healthcare. education. food. housing. jobs. transportation. wow. lol. but how do I do this. no one is hiring lost recent graduates who want to just help in some way…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Join the club and quit thinking hip hop rap star Bull s*** will pay the bills… or you could just become another drug dealer or thief
    . lol

    want to stay a kid, look at all the snowflakes and the shape the world is in now! Want to add to that?

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