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Posted by on 2019/06/04 under Life

Democrat or Republican?
That's the question nowadays, isn't it?
The parties have become so radically separated and still people feel the need to choose.
Except now you're not choosing the party that lines up with most of your ideals. You're choosing the one that highlights your top two, maybe three.
And now it's becoming a battle everywhere you go.
You may think that you can't choose outside these parties because the other parties won't win.
You're right of course, but if you choose to find candidates that match most of your beliefs instead of just a few your vote will feel worth much more.
And what the heck, if you bring some people with you, and then they being some people too… We could get a third party in the Oval Office.
Why not give it a try? Instead of choosing "the lesser of two evils", choose what's right for you.


  1. Anonymous says:

    No. your wrong!

    you don’t have a choice, one of the two are going to be elected! Even if there was a third, a fourth, fifth….~, who is to say they would be any better option. So stupid to say that just because there is a third things would be better and the nation would benefit and be all fluffy clouds and angles with harps. There is no choice for “NO ONE TO BE ELECTED”. The later being what I prefer. No Elections, no man, dried up bleeding crack woman, or nigger in control of my life or life decisions. No one but me! That would be the only vote I want to cast.

    I have had enough with all the dictators, do good satanic lairs and cheats who only want notoriety, fame and glory and an easy annual $1.5 million (with perks). None of them are worth any more than I, and that’s not f*cking much.

    Screw the house, congress, and all the other dictators as well. They are all crooks without impartial mindsets. Look at how they have been stone walling Trump (even before he was elected). Even that damn nigger tried to intervien and stop President Trump from winning before he was elected.

    the game has been always been rigged from the beginning for a long time.

    The peoples votes rarely matter as it more a matter of the political party Golden boy favoritism ….aka ELECTORAL VOTES.

    People can vote their ass off but if the Politicians eg.. Electoral College’s favor a body, then guess who wins. Who controls the E-College (?) politicians and political motivated bodies. Call them independent College’s if you want; if so, how do they have the power to turn an election? Who gave them that power? Politicians!

    Out side of that, its still a rigged game and crap shoot. Look at that (NOT MY PRESIDENT half breed Nigger from another country) and others. What were your choices, The first Nigger or Female president in history. it wasn’t about the better of the two, it was about some Government social experiment sanctioned by the dictators in control.

    Want to change the elections, do away with Electoral colleges, endorsements for presidents and any other influence that manipulates the system….. then we can have a fair election system. Limit the power of the Government, which will be when hell freezes over.

    When that nigger ran, it was stated, affirmed and confirmed that “there was no way for the votes to be tampered with, yet for all of Trumps term, everyone has been trying to say that the votes were tampered with by Russia in favor of trump. Who started this BS? Congress and the ones who claimed they would do everything in their power to impeach him IF HE WERE TO BE ELECTED.

    Government elections are nothing but another form of Dictatorship and Census anyway. Want to count the number of Mindless brain washed zombie sheep in the US? See who all votes and you will have an accurate count (minus the sadist ones in power). Your just a puppet falling for some false belief that they have set up a lagitimate system as to make you think you have a piss drop of ant piss control, power, and say.

    I hate to say this, but My President Trump won because they wanted him to win…#1 because there was no better choice just as you state.. Also they could manipulate him and would have a target (out side of his being a good president). But they have stonewalled him and kept him so busy with false accusations and other bull s***, that he cant do the job he could do. Just as they said they would do before the elections started. They wanted someone to be a Patsy to blame while they did their illegal acts.

    3 years later what has become of it? NOTHING but a s*** load of false claims and slander and injustice! AND MOST OF ALL …. A WASTE OF TAX DOLLARS, RESOURCES AND TIME. The cost has to be in the Billions, no way 3 years of effort, the multitude of back stabbing traitors in congress and the judicial system, Investigations, the media coverage, etc would cost any less.

    How many and Where did they all find the time and money to fund this pig pin of hog s*** lies? Our TAX Dollars! And most every snow flake believes it and is eating up the spoon fed pig s*** like oat meal slop. Even you as you seem to be so politically centered and asking for the world to join forces in your third party option rebellion! Rebel or Patriot, no matter. the game is fixed. Independent or other third, they get laughed out of the game and its done been done. Maybe your old enough to voted but just not old enough to know that.

    Think about it! You are voting for some A****** and a trillion dollar of others A******s to sit around and tell you what you can and cannot do. THEN CHARGE, TAX, FINE, and PENALIZE you for everything when you do it.

    Double and Triple, and Quad taxes on most everything.

    Work = Income tax and Medicare Tax,,,, then you go spend the residual of that taxed work money on food or other, (SALES TAX); on the money you done paid tax on. Then you need to s*** out that food, there’s a sewage and clean water tax. Want to work you need a car in most all cases, Wheel tax, gas tax, oil tax, drivers license fee, plates & tags, now the government tells you you have to have insurance or else they will penalize you for that and cancel your tags. Have a House? Own some land? You have luxury taxes and land taxes based on what they say your house is worth…. so your taxed for owning something. Cities and many area even dictate that you have to keep your grass cut or else you will be fined, taxed penalized, charged etc…(Local Nazi dictators)~ Clean Air Tax, Road Tax, Side walk tax. Make too much money, your income tax rate increases.

    Judaical, you have to pay to go to court. Try to file a suit against someone and see if they don’t charge you (Court Cost). Remember the Government shutdown? Those government parks that our tax dollars paid for, closed (do not enter) and why not, its paid for. Because some Government authority was not there to dictate and censor you.

    You want a real Third option????????

    Overthrow the Government! But Beware! If your old enough to have a son in the military, the government can order him to kill you.

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