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Posted by on 2019/05/18 under Life

I was raised to go to church on Sunday, every Sunday we had to go now that I’m older I don’t have to but I do still believe in god in my own special way. I never had a problem with other kids until all the LGBTQ Rights were going on I was fine with it but people assumed that I hated the LGBTQ community. Some kids knew I use to go to church so they said I was obviously a homophobe.

I didn’t really understand why they thought that because I don’t care what others do as long as it makes them happy it’s ok with me and my favourite aunt happens to be Lesbian. She’s nice and kind and very respectful to everyone she rarely shows a temper so I like hanging out with her a lot.

I did however say that I personally don’t believe in the gender change thing it confused me and I was mainly upset because I could image see someone and get them mad at me when it’s how I was raised and it’s hard to change the way I speak. I said I wouldn’t mind if they corrected me nicely and that I would understand if they get frustrated a few times because I probably wasn’t the only one they had to explain that to.

But despite all of that because I believe in a god or went to church with my family when I was younger I automatically get assumed as a LGBTQ hater. I support them for finally being able to take a stand against those who really do hate them but now I feel like being an atheist or LGBTQ is in and that being a plain old boring god believing white girl is awful.

That another thing I’m white so most people assume I’m racist, that is so untrue I find people of colour amazing!! I’m mainly get jealous of them most of the time because they are so much prettier than me.

People assume I hate everything so much when all that’s uncomfortable with me that instead of teaching us all about this stuff they shove most of the LGBTQ stuff down our throats.

The worst people now in our world are straight white men and women who go to church on Sunday or belives in god.

Call me stupid like usual it’s fine I’ll take it this time but just remember my main point is everyone has a stereotype now everyone has their own assumptions about you and together we really need to ask before we assume one day.

One thought on “Am I A Bad Person Now?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate this because I feel completely the same!

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