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Posted by on 2019/05/01 under Life

Time to face it- we're confusing. We all have our own brands of weird. Don't think you've escaped having your own brand of weird. You could be so normal it's weird. So fabulous it's weird… there's really no end it, or the different ways people see you. A role model in one, rude in another… the list of ways people see you never ends. One person might say to someone, let's call them Rob, "You talk too much." And another person might say to Rob "You're so quiet.". So people, stop trying to be perfect and liked by everyone. Just understand that you are you and you can improve and improve but you'll never be perfect. You'll just be improved.

One thought on “Different Views/Weird/Improved

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lately I’ve been thinking that everyone’s insane.
    Lost their minds out in the world and now look whose to blame.
    Themselves, but they just can’t see that.

    So pack your bags and leave the past, let’s go for a ride.
    The wind and water carry us, they will be our guides.
    Tonight, we’ll just sail free.

    The moon will light our path through these darkened seas, I’m sure.
    And all the world will stare and wonder where we’ll go.

    Have you ever though of leaving everything you’ve ever loved?
    Starting over someplace inexplicably unknown,
    Oh, that’s what I crave.

    It’s the thrill that keeps me going and puts the gleam all in my eyes.
    I adventure just to conquer a new monstrous enterprise.
    And all the world is my stage.

    Well maybe someday you’ll see how it all makes sense to me.
    And then you’ll jump on board and we can sail the seven seas.

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