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Posted by on 2012/03/15 under Uncategorized

I miss him, but to him, I was absolutely nothing. I treasure him, think of him as someone important as someone special to me, but he doesn’t even give a F@$%. Whatever happened, he just ignored it, and acted like I don’t exist, acted like nothing ever happened, acted like he doesn’t know me. Well then, I thank you for the pain you put me through. I thank you for the two face that I now see. I thank you for making me that much stronger. Though I am still somewhat hurt and still think about him from time to time, I care much less than I used to. It’s not a process of healing. It’s a process of building my strength, becoming a stronger and facing my fears. I still wish the best for him no matter what. And slowly, he became nothing to me also. I don’t see the special that I used to anymore. If that is the person that you truly are, don’t even give a S&!%, then why should I? Wow, the more I wrote this out, the more I see how stupid I am/was. Time to face reality and knock some sense in that brain. Be a little smarter and stop hurting myself. Stop the dumb stupid thought that he will slightly ever give a damn!

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