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Posted by on 2019/03/19 under Life

There are times where I wish I could use my skills in bioengineering, virology and computer science to destroy humanity. Most humans are useless f***ing worms and they don't deserve to be here. They are destroying this planet. I initially went to MIT in order to study biology and engineering to learn the best methods for wiping out humans. If you want to kill everyone, there's no greater tool than a plague. Plagues are incredibly efficient, cheap, and effective. Why spend millions of dollars, time, and energy in firearms, ammunition, bombs, and aircraft to wipe out humans when weaponized plague bacillus would solve the problem without a trace. Hmm…

Disclaimer: This is me expressing myself under freedom of speech and expression laws. I don't intend to actually cause harm, nor will I. It's merely venting.

2 thoughts on “I want to murder everyone.

  1. kalirablack says:

    Sometimes, I feel like, there are people that are stupid in their own ways, maybe similar with you, maybe different from you.

    One version of me thinks that you make sense somehow.
    The other version of me doesn’t, because, maybe, there’s a chance, a hope to see how humans get better and better every century, and maybe eventually, humans will be much better than they are today.
    Maybe we won’t see it in our life time. It takes time, takes patience, and see.

    There’s always just “maybe”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i pity you.

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