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I Am Offering Legits Hack Service and Hacking Tools, CCV, CC,PayPal, WU, MG,Fullz Ethical Hacking like any other forensic science involves the use of sophisticated technology tools and procedures that must be followed to guarantee the accuracy of the preservation/documentation of evidence, identification, extraction and the accuracy of results. more with Alberto aka Ghostfunder /Jspaypal

I major in…
Over 2k plus successful bank PayPal and wu transfer worldwide
Any Kinds of Countries Passport worldwide
Flight Ticket
Different Kinds of Games Hacking
Different Kinds of Dating Sites
Credit score increase and decrease
Upgrade University Grades
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Skype Hack
Delete unwanted online Pictures and Videos on any website
Remove Criminal Records
Tracing peoples background
Hack bank accounts
Apps hacking
Loading all MasterCard, Bank Accounts, PayPal, Bitcoin, WU, Money Gram with untraceable credit on it. etc.
We also develop hacked facebook, twitter, instagram, yahoo, gmail passwords etc.
Do you need to keep an eye on your spouse by gaining access to their emails?

– I'm a Professional Russian Hacker based in multiple location in the USA and Europe, with more than 13 years experience,i have sold cvv credit card full dumps tracks with pin and also transfers to many customers all over the world.I give proofs of jobs both past and presents and i also have 100% money return warranty.
Selling cvv, fullz many country as: Canada,USA,Australia,UK…all And many country in Europe: Fr,Ger,Spain,Ita…

Ymail: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Cell : +1(904) 274-1526
ICQ: 662940267
WhatsApp:+1(904) 274-1526

Rate List with Explanation :-

Western Union Transfer :-
Transferring Western Union all over the world and it takes 1hour to 12hours maximum for generating MTCN .You Will Get MTCN Code With Sender Info + Amount And Then You Can Pick Up Funds From Any Westernunion Store.
(transferring all over the world)
Western Union Transfer Rates :
$2500 Transfer = $250 Charges ( Payment only Via BTC,PM,money gram or western union )
$3500 Transfer = $300
$4500 Transfer = $400
$6000 Transfer = $550
$8000 Transfer = $750
$10000 Transfer =$950

And Selling acvation software:

Price $250 for 1 acvation 1 week to use
Price $500 for 1 acvation 1 month to use
Price $1000 for 1 acvation 3 months to use

Bank Transfers :-
This is my responsibility to transfer the required amount into your account and when it will be show fully transfered than my work will be over and then this is your responsibilty to handle the bankers and get safe your side.i will use my personal methodfor make clear payment so no dispute no chargeback chances.
(transferring all over the world)
Bank Transfer Rates:
(Payment Only BTC or PM)
$2500 Transfer = $250Charges
$3500 Transfer = $350
$4500 Transfer = $450
$5000 Transfer = $500
$10,000 Transfer = $800
$15,000 Transfer = $1300

MoneyBookers Transfer :-
Offering moneybookers/skrill transfer worldwide.It is a instant payment/transfer .im using safer and safer way to transfer moneybookers so there is no chargebak and negative feedback.
(transferring all over the world)
Money Bookers
Transfer Rates
(Payment Only BTC or PM )
$2500 transfer = $250 Charges ?
$3000 Transfer = $300 Charges
$5000 Transfer = $500 Charges
Paypal Transfer :-
Using hacked and verified paypal accounts to transfer paypal account to account transfer if you are genious then you can easily dodge paypal and enjoy big free online money from it.this is depends upon you and this is most safest way to earn money.
(transferring all over the world except banned/blacklisted countries)
Paypal Transfer Rates :
Code: (Payment Only bitcoins)
$2500 Transfer =$250 charges
$3000 Transfer = $300
$5000 Transfer = $500
$10,000 Transfer = $700

—–With Paypal Veritified——–
– Paypal Verit

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