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Posted by on 2019/03/13 under Life

In some point, I could not find the direction of myself. When I was young, I want to acheiver in all aspects such as education, Jo, marriage etc. Because of this big re. As years passed by, I get a thought everyday as did I do the right thing in my life. Did I marry to someone whom I am actually fall in love? Did I study in the field that I am really in passionate? And am I moving tthe right direction. I am lost in somewhere. I am regret every decision that I took and every steps made in my life.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Think about it. There’s a reason why you chose to focus on a certain field, there’s a reason why you you got married to that special someone. The reason behind those two must have been passion. You can sit alone all you want and wonder about all those “what ifs” and the truth is, as people, we tend to never be fully satisfied , we are greedy. Luckily or not, those were your choices. Somewhere between good and bad you lost the game if you know what I mean .If I were you, I’d ask myself why did all these questions just occur ? Is there anything missing from your life ? What are you in need of ? And who can help you figure out who you are ? Will this happen again ?

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