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Posted by on 2019/03/13 under Life

i said id be back in the middle of the week
but it seems more guidance i what i would seek
but after a day of work and toil
i have returned my seeds back to the soil

so prepare yourself for my new tale
and hop on my boat and get ready to sail

my name is being my center of pride
but when it comes to society it is pushed aside
for the masses take my being and destroy it
and its done to others after the candle is lit

society is another word for conformity
but it does not bend to reality
because we are all born equally "free"
then were pushed against the current and thrown into the sea

freedom is what i crave and freedom is what i need
to grow a family and spread my seed
but the choices are small and being already picked
and i am being mowed down by my own ticks

these ticks go by names and i call them demons
the push and pull my being so i can't be a free man
they shackle me down and lock the door
and i am kept there till there is rust and my wrists become sore

when i see a spark a glimmer of hope
it can't be what im thinking no way, nope
but it is real and it is inside me
the thoughts the hope the will to be free

i push through chains and burst through the wall
my feet touch nothing and i begin to fall
i see my memories and past regrets
and my body falls away and i have payed my debts

i awake in a field with wind in my face
and it seems i can live in this new place
but i get up from the ground and i see the land
society has given me a brand

and there i realize that i will never be free
but the masses look at my body and refuse to see
they label me crim e nall
and then chain me to the wall

and on that wall i will stay
almost till the end of my days
with no bed to even lay
with no words left to say
and then at the end of my life im thrown out into the fray

my life broken and left to rot
for the crime i commited it matters not
how could this happen to me
and take away my hope labeled "free"

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