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Posted by on 2019/02/10 under Life

i go online for fun,and its full of ignorant,s***e heads,who just thresh out OPINIONS.Cannot hold a conversation.i guess i aint got much of a life,so im here,and this always seems to become much worse than REAL LIFE,in the end.This place is ok for 10 minutes or so,but there is nothing of substance online anymore,its all plastic,all the good stuff just gets eaten up by pretentious ignorant twits. Anything good online,google destroy it.No one will find anything ONLINE is my point.nothing of real value.we can only find things,inside ourselves.i keep forgetting that.when ur lonely or bored,u go searching for things,to help you,but you find NOTHING,you will always be disappointed.what we look for is already inside us all. i need a day of solitude and peace ive been cranky.

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