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Those who declare war on others, have no peace in their own minds!

9 thoughts on “War

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re right

  2. Anonymous says:

    go blow your momma’s! Until you walk a life in my shoes. your words are meaningless.

  3. Julie Martz says:

    Someone who knows the family • Vincent why do u put stuff on here about your family grow up stop acting like a fool you was there when you mother passed and you caused her death.but you and your wife was the ones always acting out at Walmart Chambersburg pa and giant food store mcconnellsburg pa.assulted your sister, and sister in law, called fulton county pa child services on your sister and brothers children. your the one who hates your family egor vincent e martz of mercersburg pa grow up you say your a christian and you act like this your nothing but a fool read your bible and go to a real church and get your demons out Vincent egor martz is possed with demons and is satan Also vincent e martz called fulton county pa child services on his sisters children and brothers and families vincent caused the martzs bad situations with the county child services martz defense The scenes egor created was at chambersburg pa walmart cussing yelling harrasment of family members foaming making threats we the martzs did file assalt and harrasment charges on vincent we had fear of what he will do to the family with his demon possed state Vincent martz is at fault for the death of his niece nikki.Your brother is a master free mason in mcconnellsburg pa.And he is a pastor in the mcconnellsburg pa area!Your brother has powerful friends in Washington dc and the mcconnellsburg pa area and he can and will liquidate (get rid of) you vincent e martz of mercersburg pa the egor.You caused your brother and his wife marriage situactions.And your brothers wife cheated on him which is your fault.The things you did to your brother and his wife are not right.The mcconnellsburg pa state police have been contacted on you.We want you gone.E-gor vincent e martz 5692 little cove rd, Mercersburg pa Egor Someone, usually a disliked human, who feigns a friendship with others and families in the presumption that everyone and family will return that friendship, but no one likes him/her not our families the martzs (except for the 1 or 2 attention whore sidekicks). E-gor’s can often be found at places/parties where they are not accepted, invited, or liked.Egor vincent martz is not part of the harold martz jr. family we hate him.Foams at the mouth,screams out of control,we contacted the mcconnellsburg pa state police,Your going to prison for what you did to your brother and his wife.Egor,egor, egor.egor.egor.egor.egor egor.egor.egor.egor.egor. (What you did to your brother and his wife and their marriage and to their children is unhuman and war is on egor.)Your a dead man vincent e martz of mercersburg pa the egor!You deserve death and soon..Blow yourself egor.egor.egor.egor.egor.187-60-3536.your dead!!

  4. julie says:

    Blow your self vincent eugene martz mercersburg pa the egor. “Whats the reason to put on here about me.blow your momma’s egor vincent Until you walk a life in my shoes. your words are meaningless.Do life a favour and die vincent eugene martz mercersburg pa the egor!You was warned to stay away from family and mcconnellsburg pa egor.Vincent eugene martz “your brother is a pastor and master free mason in mcconnellsburg pa and he can have you blown away”
    Your a dead man.

  5. Julios Martz says:

    Vincent e martz of mcconnellsburg pa the egor!”He needs put in jail He is at fault for his niece’s death”.He caused the martz family of mcconnellsburg pa bad vibes.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Julie. If you don’t like people posting things about you, then don’t post about someone else. Use your brains, oh thats right you don’t have any.

  7. Julios Martz says:

    the martzs finally got you good let’s see you get out of this vincent eugene martz egor of little cove rd mercersburg pa You are so easy to Frame and set up and I can’t wait to hear about you being sent to jail for life.You assulted and harrased your mom,sister,sister in law,niece,and other family members and their friends. Your nieces death is your fault egor.You picked and called your mom names and you started your psychological rage on your dad.Grow up egor and stay away from family and remember you was adopted and your mom and dad you called them never liked you because you are the mental retarded egor of the martz family. You have stolen from family, created anguish. You deserve nothing the police station will have you arrested they have you where they want you and we have powerful influence .Stay away from family because you will be set up.We have power.what’s it take to get rid of you vincent eugene martz egor of little cove rd mercersburg pa. 187603536..”Vincent e martz-egor mercersburg pa grow up. You assulted your sister and sister in law and assulted your mom and harrased her. And you are at fault for your nieces death. Even since you was born you caused the martz families grief”

  8. Julios Martz says:

    You have anger issues psycho you harrased and harmed the martzs of mcconnellsburg pa very bad.I turned your name into brook lane mental health services they have room for nut cases like you vincent eugene martz mercersburg pa. Egor you need to watch your every move we have people in power and you need to stay away from us of course you are going to jail .The police said you have 30 accounts against you that should put you away till you die.You are not part of us your dad wants you gone and we want you gone and egor vincent eugene martz mercersburg pa. Why are you still around? It makes no sense but again you are a threat, psycho, dances on the streets, foaming of the mouth. No one likes you baby egor. Disappear from life.   High powerful friends Sunday Jun 17 Vincent e martz-egor I can’t wait till you go to prison and rot you are so easy to set up because you are a retard.We got you where we want you and I like it we warned you don’t mess with martzs.We have friends in the free masons,mcconnellsburg pa state police, the courts, and government. You have no chance egor to keep your head above water.your life egor vincent eugene martz is over.And what you did to your dad that really angers me you was mean to him.Your dad even wants you gone.You are a pscyo,nutcased,retard.we don’t like you vincent eugene martz egor. Why are you alive and what’s your purpose? You caused family pain,grief, and your unworthy of life you are a piece of carpet and I enjoy wiping my feet on you egor. Let me see you get out of this psyco.The enjoyment of you being punished will be great.

  9. [email protected] collection says:

    Vincent eugene martz of 5692 little cove rd mercersburg pa, 17236:Id.number187-60-3536,birthdate:12-20-1965.this subject owes [email protected] bank collection’s And we desire extreme measures to be taken against above subject for debt.Home phone 717-328-4503.Employer number 717-328-2515—choice collision center mercersburg pa.

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