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Posted by on 2019/01/14 under Life

so we got into another argument, and this time it was a whole lot worse, we had gotten a little drunk and had sex for about an hour. then after we just chilled and talked with his brother, it was all fun and games until we wanted to go take a nap. we gotten into the room and went to lay down, I threw myself at him you could say. long story short we had sex again but this time I said be gential because I was hurting from before and he didn't say yes or no he just said turn over and after I just said be gentail a million times I thought he got the memo so I turned over. he was good for a few seconds then it started to hurt really badly. so I said stop 3 times and in that moment I had gotten really scared and flipped out a little I had went to the bathroom to take a minute because I needed to calm down I went back into the room and grabbed my blanket to go into the living room because I just needed more then a few seconds. but basically he called me some mean s*** and it was really bad he didn't see what he did even after I told him


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