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Posted by on 2019/01/11 under Life


I've come to know solitude,
in many ways, unbeknown.
Upon the footsteps of time,
where dust comes to mourn.

Surrounded only momentarily,
by the faceless, through to day.
It seems as if by rudiment';
each passing granules' juncture,
is proceeded swiftly by dismay.

There is only but a faint echo,
betwixt mine reflection, and I.
The shadows whereupon, my
spirit doth consume, and lie.

Corporeal windows faceted,
with tribulent asphyxiation.
Ethereal tapestries caress,
kneading of the draconian.

Enduring if all, so disquietly.
I seem to, not exist properly.
I fail, exceedingly, habitually to;
satiate this, ephemeral engine.

There is never enough time,
nay; there is too much rather.
I long to be liberated from this,
I pine for to be rent from herein.

Every waking, sleeping,
Daydreaming moment.
Each breath given, and
Neural laden path allotted.

O', this unrelentingly agonising,
honey sweet, rose petal paradigm.
How does she kiss me with fervour,
wherewith tender mercies; ember.

Liken unto the perpetual cog,
who's countenance sings thereof;
melancholic epitaphs confide,
discretely inscribed in blood.

For the waning of the shrewd,
befallen our weary despondent.
Might thy wroth be tempered,
wilt thine vengeful sea melodic.

Shall the heavens bequeath a symphony,
may silence bestill hearts, and rapture we.
Have not thee respite, sequesterous majesty;
enkindle desolation, cessate hither periphery.

-Jones, J.

One thought on “-Hazel-

  1. Anonymous says:


    so it’s been bugging me, I decided (for now),
    to put a comma(,), after: “swiftly, by dismay.”

    So yeah,
    make a slight pause when reading that part.

    -Jones, J.

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