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Posted by on 2019/01/10 under Life

Today, this idea finally came up in my mind,
For sure, that I wish
I could spend the rest of my life with you.

I feel closest to you, deep down.
i only love talking about things with you,
I only love staying with you,
Because you makes me feel secure, and warm.

I had this idea of
Getting married with you at 17,
but then, you told me
That I deserved better.

I followed your words,
Going out, searching for that person
That's better for me.

But in the end, I feel like,
You've been the only person
I can have a nice long conversation with.

I love you,
And I love doing everything with you,
Whatever you name it.

A few months ago,
I was filling up a document,
About my identification,
I nearly showed it to you,
And ask you,
"Don't you think,
I should put you right there besides my name?"

…Would you ever
Say "yes" then?
I really wish so.

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