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Posted by on 2019/01/05 under Life

Has anyone noticed how stupid and corrupt the US has become since the nigger uproar and disillusion of equality?

Suddenly like the family dog or pet pig, there is a nigger in every white household and they are always the ones with more intelligence and insights, more authoritative, ready to show the world the path to righteousness and better days and ways of life, always with higher morals and standards, and always screaming from the roof tops of how right the nigger opinion is while pointing out how wrong the white person is. More so, the white person is always portrayed dumber and weaker.

Sure there is a hand full of good niggers out there picking cotton, opposed to the other 100,000 niggers running through the corn fields doing drugs, stealing and all other forms of moral corrupt and sin. So I am speaking about the MAJORITY OF NIGGERS, Not the Anomaly of Niggers.

The fact is, if you pay attention to reality, 75% of the crimes reported, caught on camera, arrest, etc are NIGGER related. Just watch the news, read the papers, look at the society around you. NIGGERS are out of control and ruining our great nation.

I am calling on every white person in the US to go out and buy 2 lbs of Decon Rat Poison, some pork chops and greasy chicken and help me eradicate the infestation of these Niggers.

In 3 months we could regain our whole nation and eradicate 75% of all the social sewage, dump them in the ocean and let the sharks eat them or maybe just drop them in some huge active vaucano.

3 thoughts on “Attention

  1. Anonymous says:

    great bait

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Imagine being this petty. lmao OP

  3. bob says:

    yes,like when you have to climb over all the dead school children that a white person has just shot up,to blame a brown skinned mexican stealing lettuce from the local shop to feed his hungry family

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