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Posted by on 2012/03/12 under Uncategorized

I got called ugly today. Again. They’re usually just joking around, but every once in a while… I get it, alright? Bad hair. Big nose. Flat chest. So on and so forth. I actually find it hilariousness that you still think I give a f***. I don’t think you understand. Your cute little minds cannot even comprehend the immensity of the f*** I do not give. If I wanted to be beautiful, if I wanted to look like all of you other little cloned freaks, I would do something about it. Wear makeup. Buy a wonder bra. Join a gym, curl my hair or spend this week’s paycheck on brand new sparkly jeans with diamonds on the ass. But I REALLY REALLY just do not care. I understand that you think I should, but I don’t. The only reason I’m even pissed right now is because people keep bringing it up. “You’re ugly.” Like if I don’t hear it daily I might forget. I’m perfectly fine with how I look, and hearing it over and over can get on a person’s nerves. I think I’ll start following you guys around and reminding you ever day… “Hey, you’re blond.” “Hey, you’re five foot nine.” “Hey, you wore shoes today.” See how you like being reminded constantly of BRAND NEW F***ING INFORMATION. I’m ugly. I get it. Now for the love of God, stop saying it.

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