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Keep this “” phone # handy- 1-800-240-1271
so you can call and try to get a refund.

Most of us are familiar with how a “Normal Online Shopping Cart Program” process a credit card as most of them are like, thus
1. You see an item you want to purchase,
2. Add it to your Shopping cart.
3. Choose to buy it (OR NOT).
4. Enter your payment information
5. Review and Confirm that you want to PAY OR NOT
6. Cick Pay (which is your Authorization for the provider to charge your credit card)
7. Your done.

Just answers has many “Professional Occupations” (Vets, Doctors, Web Gurus, etc) who will gladly answer your question for what they say is a $5.00 DEPOSIT….. BEWARE “JustAnswers” Does not fallow the above 1-6 process, and you never get a chance to back out of the process (opt out of receiving an Answer/Cancle the transaction), thus you are billed before you AGREE or NOT to being Billed. Restated:
Once you ask the question, they want you to give them (a Reasonable) $5.00 and send you to a Credit Card link form…. Before you agree to anything, the “NEXT” button is billing your credit card in nano seconds.

This is a BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM! Actually its a bait and double switch with reoccurring monthly fees.

The $5.00 seems like a reasonable fee to pay for an answer, but that is just the BAIT of the scam to get you to give them your CC info. Once you give them the Credit Card information and proceed (click Next), that is when the first of 2 SWITCH(s) occurs!

(Switch 2 of 2, NOT the $5 bait you have already falling for)- You are taken to a second page where “” tries to force you to subscribe to some MONTHLY Billing (giving you 3 options) of $19.95 a month and up for premium subscriptions.
You are never given the chance to back out or refuse to Join, and you can only exit the popup, where you are left wondering if that cancled the entire transaction?


(Swtich 1 of 2) That $5.00 Deposit, it was just a deposit, to get the answer (TO SEE THE ANSWER) you are forced to pay an additional $14.00, and both ($5.00 + $14.00) has just been charged to your credit card. WITHOUT ANY OPTION TO DECLINE. You cant fart as quick as they take your money!
There is:
NO Customers OPTION TO CANCLE. ITS DONE! Your CC has been charged and your Money is GONE!

This all is happing in Nano-Seconds while you are Staring at the “” Pop-Up screen (Switch 2 of 2 above) trying to figure out how to cancle the transaction as you realized you have just been scammed-err….forced into no return or to optionally cancle all transactions.

Here is their SCAM or a Shopping Cart Process for JustAnswers:
1. Ask the Question
2. The Professonal “whatevever” says they will give you an answer for the $5.00 and gives you the credit card link to fill out.

3. You are a sucker and fall for the $5.00 BAIT.
4. You fill in the Credit Card Info page, and expect to have the option to review (proceed or cancle) later after clicking the NEXT button.
OR at least see the answer!

5. You are Immediately billed $5.00 plus an additiona $14.00 and taken to the Pop-up page, which has no way to cancle anything. Just an X in the upper right Corner of the Screen. The Back Button on you web browser will not work.

6. See Ya Sucker. Your accounts has already been billed, and some BS answer is on its way. WHICH by the way is only reflective to some portion of the question, not answering the real question but more so other parts of the question.

Example of the non-reflective BS :

My dog is sick and here are the symptoms.
1. drooling, 2, walks drunk, 3. cant hear, 4. barking at the sun, 5. Limping , etc….. and it only last for about 30 MINUTES and then everything is fine and they act normal. The next day both of my dogs are acting the same way.

My Comments: I take care of my dog, feed him, water him, and give him monthly x1, x2, x3, x4, meds as prescribed by my vet. (But since both are acting sick, I have not given them their meds this month )…..

Here is the question………What could possibly be wrong with them due to the SYMPTOMS. Could this be a disease or maybe the food (remember its been a month since I have medicated them and have not medicated them this month due to the above!)

JustAnswers (Pro Vet/Doc)- The medicines you are giving might be the wrong dose (though you have not given them this month) !I’m Baffled, Medications poisioning would have a longer lasting effect than 30 SECONDS. This sounds like some serious problem going on take the dog to the local Vet…, bs (“Hey, I just made $19.00 off this sucker of a dog loving fool”).

STOP! Do you remember (Switch 2 of 2) above?
Like I said, you were just FORCE billed $19.00 for that Crap answer that even a 10 year old could figure out. But that Pop-up page asking you to subscribe to some monthly “” subscription(?), those 3 options packages to choose from:
1. Ala-Carte $19.95 (first 30 days free/no billing)
2, Upgrade $29.95 (best Value!)
3, Premium $35.95 (aka- Your a bigger fool than we thought you were)

The fact that you were never presented the option to REFUSE to JOIN (Subscribe).. what do you think the chances are that you were AUTOMATICALLY SUBSCRIBED to their monthly billing program by default?


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