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Posted by on 2018/11/07 under Life

Have you ever heard "When you get to college you'll be in control"? Well I'm pretty sure we've all heard this bulls***. I used to imagine how much freedom I would have to chose my own courses. But that was all a dream because now that I am in college; I barely have that choice. I came into college thinking my high school prepared me for it all considering it was a college prep school. But no when I got to college I realized they played me just like everyone else in my life. So, I thought let me start over in college and do everything differently. The first week of college was fun which is also known as orientation week. But soon as classes started, I had a rude awakening. I knew exactly what I wanted my major to be and my career goals. But it seems like no one believes I can achieve these goals because every time I make progress another challenge arises. Why must I fight so hard? I feel like I am fighting a 100 times harder than everyone else. I am so tired of not being heard. Like I could be screaming my major across the room and no one would acknowledge me! I feel like a joke in this world. All I want is to be heard.

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