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Posted by on 2018/10/06 under Life

It has been a month since I have joined a firm. I joined as an account assistant and my work is to process accounting entries in tally, making invoices on computer doing some excel stuff, arranging files and do what boss commands. I don't know why I joined this firm. It is just my referred me to join it. I was feeling like s*** a month ago because I was sitting idle at home and studying about stock market with my friend but parents were not okay spending too much on this as it is worthless for them. and I also felt that I was not doing anything and not getting a direction in my life. When I joined it I has some sort of hope that I would learn something about business and things. I did but the business was totally out of my league. In the beginning it was good but no after a month It felt not so good. i come to the office doing same s*** everyday. buring myself in papers and computers. And yesterday I met a friend who was in a Metro city and just came back home for sometime and also to work for the other location which is not far miles away from his home. I was super angry on me on wasting my time in this firm for few bucks. He told me that he was angry because I am not adding on any skills. He is true. but my mind has stability until I met him. Now I am feeling if I quit the job and start searching for something better I will loose stability. Most people have aspirations from life what they really want in their life but the problem with me is" I don't know what I want, where I wanna go. what i wanna do to my life. and it is feeling like s*** each and every second."

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  1. Hi Girl says:

    Really good story dude!

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