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Posted by on 2018/08/06 under Life

I found my older cousin crying on the sofa and I never thought the night would end the way it did. I held your hand and gotbto whst was cauding sll this. You just want to be a mum but cant find a guy. I was just so sorry for you we hugged and after a good hour we started kissing. We shouldn’t have but looking into your eyes I saw something, a connection. We made love that night and yes unprotected sex ( you really wanted me to ejaculate inside you in hope of being pregnant)
I do feel this was wrong but it was a moment of passion and pure love snd a great night.

Im getting texts from you asling me to cone over and I’m slightly bervous as I’m worried I may even be in love with you. You hugged me so tightly when i was with you making me feel so wanted. We kept going making love overnight. Best cousin ever♥️

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