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I don’t like to talk to religious people, I do, but I secretly think about how delirious they are
I feel bad, because I know that’s not really a nice thing to do.. but to believe in something so stupid and far fetched.. well.. I don’t get it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you wish to, you can consider this point of view:

    I like to think that if it gives them hope to live on… then it’s something they should keep. I do agree that there are delirious people… but they are among all kinds of people: spiritual, atheist, religious, you name it.
    It may be far-fetched, but not necessarily stupid. In many cases it’s a defense mechanism of sorts for the people that need it, need something ‘higher’ to put their trust in, their one strong-hold in the vast ever-changing place called Earth.
    (Not that I agree with several religions, especially the ones that are dark/speak highly of murder, there are limits to what is humanely acceptable.)

    I wish you a good day

  2. Mia says:

    Think whatever you want to think. Some people think that theres another life after this. We Go to heaven or hell or purgatory. Others think that hey if we kill ourselves we will get 72 virgins. Others think when we’re we’re dead and we rot in the ground. But it’s what you think that’s all that matters.

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