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Posted by on 2012/03/10 under Uncategorized

Why am I still feeling this way? Why am I still sad and alone while you’re happy? Don’t you know how much you hurt me all those months ago? Did you even really care about me? I know that you don’t feel the same anymore because you dated another girl after me (even if it was only for a day). If she broke it off because of your “issue”, then she was a b*tch anyway. I still love you. I’ll always love you. Can’t you see that? I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think about you and how you held me, how you kissed me, how you said that I was beautiful even without makeup. I wish that I could have it back… but not if it would make you unhappy. I truly want you to be happy… but at the same time, I want to be happy WITH YOU. I hate this lonely feeling and it’s all because I miss you. I’ve become depressed because of this. Like I’m not worthy of being loved by any other guys. Like I wasn’t pretty enough or smart enough for you. I need help and I can’t even get closure because you won’t talk to me. Not through texts for Facebook. All I ever get to say is ‘hi’. Am I annoying you? If I am just say so. You won’t have to hear from me again. It may break my heart all over again but I don’t want you around if you’re going to flirt, date someone else and then ignore me like before or just date me and then ignore me. You don’t do this to your other ex-girlfriends, except for HER. But she deserves it for what she did to you. All I’ve ever done was try to be there for you and show you that I care. I offered to skip school for a day to go with you to the doctor’s, hoping that you would see that I was doing it because I love you. I wanted to be there for you but you said that I should go to school. I thought about you all day that day. I still do. I can’t take this anymore. Someone help me…

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