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Posted by on 2018/05/24 under Life

Life is so depressing rn, I wish I could just have the friends I need, that have my back, and don't leave me alone, I only now have one friend like that, she clings on to me, I don't mind it, but the fact that all my other friends think they are better than everyone, makes me think more about how I don't think they are my friends, they are fake friends who only are friends with me for something…

I just wish that people would treat each other with loyalty and passion for friends, like the ones who stay by your side, who help you up when you fall, and help you with problems, but noooooo, if I say I have a crush and it's killing me and I tell them who it is, they will run up to him to ask him if he likes me or if he will go out with me, I just wish they were supportive
I miss those friends, comp has ruined everything, I miss her and I wish I could have her back, she moved schools and I haven't seen her in over a month an I just want to hug her and talk to her so much, ugh life is so hard rn, please help me, I wish I could just leave and start over and forget everything

4 thoughts on “Help……

  1. Mahider Zele'alem says:

    Yes,ur’re write everything is worse than you expect. Nothing happens as you want. So, you have to try to control your emotion and be logical. And always remember your God.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you, I go to a catholic school, but I’m baptist, and I’m not ment to do the sign of the cross, and when I don’t ppl look at me like I’m differenr. But thank tou

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know this sounds like I’m adding salt to your wounds, but I have a question for you to think about. When was the last time you had someone’s back or helped someone out without him/her asking?
    Think about that ‘clingy’ friend of yours. Chances are that person is also quite lonely, doesn’t have many good friends and is probably quite loyal and ready to have your back.
    What I’m saying in summary is, although this sounds illogical, that even if you are in a place where you feel you will not find love or friendship, you must have faith that good (in) people exist and you must try to be good to them, whoever they may be. Love(Friendship) comes to you if you choose to love(being friendly) in the first place.
    But the change you talked about in moving, I don’t have to anything to say. It sucks. A lot. All I can say is try to find friends who do activities that you like doing.
    Also, be super careful about crush secrets. Very few important people (and not hyenas) deserve to know.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I do have her back as well, like when she was trying to pull me into some gossip, and I pulled her away, because I know that we would both get in trouble, so I helped her there, and I’m glad she’s close to me, since she does have many friends, but only few close ones, so thank you, I won’t tell anyone who I have a crush on, because he’s my friend, and I don’t want to ruin anythung

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