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Posted by on 2018/05/17 under Life

Okay this is my last time writing about anything negative (not likely because this is where I get everything off of my chest), and I truly do want to stop complaining. However , I've noticed a trend with all of my "friends" and majority of my significant others , I can never get at least a full week of consistency from anyone. Like with this boy named Gage one day he'll kiss all over me and express his love for me and then the next he will ignore me like I don't even exist and it really sucks. So I'm beginning to wonder am I seen as just a person to throw away, and how can I change that? It really hurts me like what should I do, continue to talk to these people and allow them to throw me to the wasteside or should I cut the "relationship" all together? , I already know all your answer and you're very right , however it is very hard for me to cut people off because my heart can never turn off love for people so… like this is really a trash ass situation ;/

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