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i miss him

Posted by on 2018/05/15 under Life

So I have had been casually "dating" this boy on and off since October. He has done so many things to me over the course of these last few months and honestly it sucks. I always feel so bad about myself, for one he always calls me ugly as a joke but it still hurts. He has left me for other girls many times and I was even his "side chick" at a point unknowingly. He has said many hurtful things to me he told me that he heard my private area stinks, but he has never been anywhere near it. He cheated on me while we were dating, called me out of my name on several occasions , talked about me to people who hate me and so on and so forth. He constantly comes in and out of my life which takes a big toll on me and somehow I still love him.

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