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mental block

Posted by on 2018/04/13 under Life

I can't find any reasons as to why I should attempt to be social. I feel lonely but whenever I think of doing something social I immediately think of the worst possible situations and how it's so much more comfortable to hide in a dark corner allowing myself to get worse with each second that passes. I want to put myself out there and try to meet people but my mind tells me I shouldn't. At times I want to just give up and give in to the darkness that surrounds my mind and spend all my life alone and sad, it's just getting more and more difficult to beat my fear and the darkness and actually venture out to see the world.

One thought on “mental block

  1. Anonymous says:

    well i personally am not all that social. there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t let fear overwhelm you. Find the strength and try something new.

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