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Posted by on 2018/04/07 under Life

should i run from home. or should i start high school. i'm 12 now. but i feel depress. most people think we kids aren't really that smart. but we are. we may even be smarted thatn most of you people. we have emotions that we can't express cuz we are shy. we are afraid we will be knock out of existence. this is the oppisiot of what my family believes. i make a few mistakes. they get mad at me. i can't speek Spanish good ( they talk mostly Spanish) they are mad at me. I'M AN AITHIEAST! THE NEXT THING YOU F***ING KNOW MY GRAND MOTHER STARTS CALLING ME A F***ING DEVIL! yeah allright i'm mad. i'm shaking. but what does that matter? I'M A BOY. I THOUGHT MY FREINDS WERE FREINDS. BUT WHAT DO I NOTICE? my best friend. he changed. we have been friends since 2014…. he yells a lot. curses. I JUST HAVE ON F***ING GOLE IN MY LIFE. but i know its impossible. to make my love one….
be happy.

i don't even know if she loves me… yeah i know i posted something about this a while back.
but… She is all i have. I can't talk to her about this or else she might feel guilty or negative emotion. i don't want to drag her in to my problems i want her to be happy.
i love her

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2 thoughts on “run away?

  1. Anonymous says:

    you shouldn’t run away let your family yell or whatever that’s just their way of trying to relate.whatever your belief they’ll accept you eventually

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am in the same situation my family is so F’ing strict to where I can’t hangout with friends. So now I’m doing all this research for running away and will probably do it next year.

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