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Posted by on 2018/03/29 under Life

I really want to meet women but I dont know how today!

The reason for this is the magnitude of Women Attitueds!

I mean what man wants to chance even saying "Hi…." to a Women these days? The next thing you know your caught up in some sexual harrassment case, or being accused of being a stalker!
Let me back up just a moment!

It use to be that when you seen someone that just caught your eye, you went up and said Hi to her if it was one of those "once in a lifetime chance encounters" where you only see the person once time and its now or never!

Now Days you are wierd if you do that, a stalker, a sexual harasser, somthing is wrong with you, your going to rape them, etc……

Its sad and stupid really! I remember once I did have such encounter and I was just hanging in the back ground long enough for the group to break up so I could walk up without that uncomforable presance of 10 people witnissing the sudden attraction (and my possibly being shot down). As the group starting breaking up, I started wakling and was suddenly blocked by a police man who sarted asking me weird questions!

I was caught off guard by the questions but I quickly caught on, someone in the croud noticed my casual presance and called thier frined who was a cop! Needless to say, I was bewidered, humilated, disqusted, hurt, and questioned my own credibitity! At last I actually became depressed over the incodent and isolated myself for a week. As a Guy, I felt like crying and jumping off a bridge!

For seeing someone, and wanting to talk too her!

As for dating, that too has its problems and has made me very parinoid! In the past I have dated many women and had sex with all of them. Of course that was over 5 to 30 years ago! But now I am a nervious wreck. I am just counting the days until one or all of them claim rape against me!
Yes, the sex was consentual, but in todays world (2018) that does not mean crap! All one of them has to do is claim they didnt enjoy it, that I made the first move, that I agressed towards them and it was unwanted……

Now days, I live alone, if I need company, I have my hand. Women are simply not worth it…….

One thought on “I want to meet women

  1. Anonymous says:

    Woah Woah Woah.
    I am a female. This is offensive. We report things like rapes or sexual assaults because we are SCARED for our HEALTH. So yeah, we may report you because you’re CREEPING us out. But that doesn’t mean that every single woman you walk up to is going to report you. I was going to give advice but now I’m just angry.

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