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Posted by on 2018/03/14 under Life

Recently my grandmother had passed away. She is actually one of the few people that actually listen to me and give me support aside from my parents. After she had left people at my school had been saying "you look dead bro." or "Why are you so different? Then I am doing these things that are getting me in trouble for no reason and I can't resolve it at one points I wanted to slit my wrist and kill myself.

One thought on “Depression

  1. Anonymous says:

    Eeennnh! You wont! So you need someone else’s PITY and support in order to have life?

    Act like you have some balls and wake up in the morning and live life and quit thinking up drama to focus on.

    Otherwise, if I read correctly… you still have Mommy and Daddy to milk the emotional support and dodge responsability of life.

    Other wise Post your address and I will come bring some razors and a cam corder.. I heard it hurts like hell and then some!

    It would be cool to tape you screaming in pain, twitching, jerking in convusions and gasping for your last breath while begging for help as you realize you made a mistake.

    I will console you and say “sorry! Too late to change your mind now!” Thanks for the Video though! Tell grand ma I said Hi!

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