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Ever wake up and feel as tho your not wanted? As tho theres no purpose for your existence? Ever feel as tho you need to escape hide and be alone? That’s edsactly how I felt this morning infect most mornings! I shouldn’t be living like this but it’s like a visiouse bubble I can’t get our of, I let what other people think and say about me hurt me I take other peoples opinions in and over think them. I hate this b****y society we live in to many people think they have the rite ruin other peoples lifes, the right to make people feel as if they have hit rock bottom. I don’t understand why everyone wants to be so involved with other peoples lifes. People spend so much time contradicting there selves and calling people for things that they do them selves they don’t seem to see the things there doing to people! As bob marley said ‘who are you to sit and comment on my life? Before you start pointing the finger make sure your own hands are clean’ I just wish some people would grow up.

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  1. Mia says:

    Because people like attention. For some they will do whatever it takes to be the center of it. The media has had a lot of influence on how people act. All you see in the magazines are oh look at that star shes gained 5 pounds now she’s fat. Or look at her she could be anorexic. Really, really, who gives fucck about what they look like or what they’re doing. It’s really the media and other people that just crave attention that they will go to any length to get it.

    Everyone has a purpose. You just have to figure it out. Life is a game. It’s not an easy game. But if you play it right. It’s not so bad. We all have rough patches and they are hard as hell to get through. But there is a saying I’ve always liked. “Once you hit rock bottom there’s only one way to go only and it’s go up.” Use whatever you can to get out. Sometimes you just claw you’re way out. But once you get out It’s a feeling of relief. Like the song Closing time by Semi Sonic. Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

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