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Missing you like you wouldnt believe… I know you wouldnt believe me because i have not left the situation i am in but that too is so hard… probably scary more than anything… to walk out on all that i have known for the past 24 yrs to upset my children and to hurt the guy that loves me… I do have feelings for my husband but it isnt love… I feel like i am stuck in a dead end… my life feels like a dead end… It feels like i am bashing my head against a brick wall and not breaking through…. A lot of the time i feel dead inside…so empty so alone so miserable…. I still go back in my mind to the 31 Jan how happy I was how alive i felt…Even if only for a short ten or so mins…. but if thats what you can do for me in a few mins imagine how happy our lives could be together forever….I still go over and over in my head when you turned me around picked me up sat me on the truck and kissed me……OH WOW…….. That is a moment in time that will live with me forever…. a fairy tale moment….. That was the moment I truly knew I loved you….and the moment i knew you felt more for me than you was ever prepared to let on…..And then there is now…. you dont talk to me anymore…you wont respond to my text messages nothing… Thats the hurt that kills me….I want out of where I am i want to be with you….. but i dont know what you want cause you wont talk to me…. pls Daniel talk to me….. forever love xxxxxxxxxxxx forever my love <3

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