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i really did miss you, not the way u try to be is really playing a joke, and the joke is on me. And i found out the last time we talk. these love couples are happy… for now.

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  1. Sams says:

    First off I would like to say to Twenty that your blog is f***ing great. I’m an American but I have an Irish nrfied that has lived here for about 6 years and she turned me on to your blog some time ago and I’ve enjoyed it a Hell of a lot, especially since we have a mutual hatred for that piece of s*** Hasselhoff. Plus I’ve even become quite the student of your lingo and politics (you Irish truely do take cursing to a whole new level). I salute you. Secondly, this is for alfie, and I know it has to be around 1am over there but I hope you get this note, the U.S. Customs do not do contests or give away money as far as I, or anyone that I know, is aware of. It’s a f***ing scam! Any contest that requires you to give them a substantial amount of money to process your winnings is f***ing bogus. Don’t send that c*** sucker a dime! The reason he keeps calling is because you have expressed an interest in his bulls*** and he thinks you’re just another sucker. Even though he has an 800 number that doesn’t mean s***. Anybody can purchase an 800 number. I should know, the company I work for provisions them for commercial use. Anyway, don’t be fooled. I’m sure you work too damn hard for your cash to just give it to some bastard con artist.

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