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Posted by on 2012/03/08 under Uncategorized

school is hard. not the learning the learning goes by quickly and easily, quite boring, but yet the day just seem infinitely long. i think the reason for tht is the people. there are just some people you want to surround myself with and never want to say goodbye, then there are those who are the complete opposite. i love to be around guys, they are so easy and no drama and laid back. they make me feel secure, but then there are some girls where i get this vibe where i feel lik i could spend your life with them. and i want them to put their arms around my waist and never let go. relationships with guys, i feel go by quickly where all they want is my body, or they go slowly and they can barely even kiss me. but when im with girls, i feel warm and i know they want me for my body, mind and soul. their kiss is soft and sweet, girls make me feel whole, and i want to one day be able to say i am bisexual infront of people and not be judged, but i know that day may never come in my lifetime.

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