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Is world peace and equality really worth obtaining? & Let’s abolish welfare! Ways to build a practical utopia.

Posted by on 2017/12/03 under Life

[This is political philosophy. If you are quick to anger when it comes to politics, a disgruntled war-vet, or someone who uses too much emotion/empathy and not enough foresight when it comes to politics, you should consult your doctor. Blood pressure may rise from the following.

I've been stuck on a bit of philosophy for a while and I felt like I had to get it out there.

Peace is one of the ultimate pursuits of mankind, and for a good reason; war is hell. People die, empires crumble, and it seemingly sets us only backwards. However, if you think in terms of progress, it would seem that wars are great for victorious nations.

In the early half of the twentieth century, we had two of the largest wars ever seen; and because of that we went from a horse-and-buggy nation to splitting the atom and landing on the moon. Like it or not, wars spur instant growth. Humans naturally take their time, but when it's an urgency of life and death, things come faster.
On a technological level, most of the great advancements came directly following or during war or from wartime technology. I'm talking about bullets, which evolved into bombs, which evolved into rockets, which created not only space travel as we know it today, but advanced technology like the components which helped create the first genuine portable computers. With the threat of decryption of our codes or interception of crucial plans, we created advanced communication networks, which slowly helped create the internet.
Due to threat of nuclear annihilation, I am doubtful nuclear war would ever happen. It would be the equivalent of shooting someone at a party – and everyone attending carries a gun. One nuclear warhead launched by a country like North Korea at any city would result in total annihilation of their country. Mutually Assured Destruction seems to be forgotten by many, thus most assume that any war would be nuclear. I disagree. It would be purely conventional by all standards because if one country fires off a single warhead – all other countries with warheads will fire back.

But it's not just our technology that might improve, but ourselves as well.
Competition is essential for humanity, both economically, socially, and financially. Competition – is the only thing that holds back the weak and boosts the strong. Through competition, each generation is better, stronger, and smarter than the generation that came before.

Through this, a sort of natural selection takes place and as long as the weak have no outside assistance, the stronger, smarter, and genuinely superior humans will out breed and overcome the weak. You would achieve the actual goals of Eugenics without genocide or sterilization.

I would say that is possible by taking away a progressive tax and replacing it with a universal tax, while abolishing forms of social welfare. A universal tax, unlike a progressive income tax, would take ten percent of everyone's taxes. This would promote those who are financially lazy to improve their skill set and find work quickly, which would lead to a surge in self-discipline and employment of the newly-matured population.

And then you have the downside of this plan; a new population of the homeless. To be honest, in the U.S it's not hard to avoid poverty, and it was never the intent of the U.S to financially support it's impoverished. Because everyone will have the same potential for success, and the same opportunity to advance, it would be entirely on the homeless for their position. Drug addicts would have to quit, or else they would be in a precarious situation. The meek would have to up their game, or else face failure.
I'm not saying abolish the protections that certain unprivileged groups have. Employers would be unable to reject based on race or sex and only be able to reject someone who is unqualified for the job. I'm talking about food-stamps, state-paid healthcare, and general welfare checks. I have grown up around the poor, and I can assure you that there are massive amounts of people who really don't need these assistance agencies. The only things that they achieve is add strain on local government and raise prices/subsidies. The main source of income for most people would not come from the taxes of other people – but from their own merit and investments.

That, in my personal belief, is how you create the perfect utopia; endless war, and personal responsibility. After hundreds years, presuming the lazy and weak don't threaten to start killing people (in which they should be met with arrest or execution), people would evolve into gods.

The alternative? Have you seen the movie "Stupidity"? Where, because the weak are rewarded with more money (welfare) to reproduce, and eventually causes a species so low IQ-wise that it leaves a backwards society? Imagine that, except with a bankrupt system, millions dead, and you're left with a brainwashed, financially dependent, unstable, and downright spoiled generation that slowly perishes from genetic disease, disability, and is overrun by people who demand greater rewards. This is somewhat evident with today, in which 48% of most college youth prefer socialism, and you have anarco-communist groups running around demanding more from the rich.

All I will leave you with is this: the welfare state of the United States is estimated to be held up by only 30-40 percent of our population. More people are taking more tax money than they pay in their taxes. Thanks to the welfare goodies that people receive with larger households (thus spurring them to have more children in poverty) that number of welfare recipients will go up. The government, believe it or not, is not infinite, and these costs will have to be paid inevitably. The longer we wait, the more people will go on welfare in the long-run, and the welfare bubble will collapse with a death-toll surpassing the Black Death.

My solution above as mentioned, with frequent wars and social independence, is a necessary evil.

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