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Here’s to the ugly
the misunderstood
The one’s who will never
Be any real good.
The losers, the drop outs
the back of the pack
The ones no one knows,
average Joe, or was it Jack?
To the ones always hidden
behind their own hair,
To anyone who can say
“I have been there.”
Yes, I drink to you
but not out of pity.
I don’t feel sorry for you,
EVERYONE’S life is s***ty.
I drink to you for this reason
and this reason alone;
By the time you grow old
and true colors have shown,
You’ll find that the losers,
the sad, filthy geeks
Were the only REAL ones
not to give up when weak.
When beaten and ignored
we just slink away
and crouch like a tiger
’till we can take our prey.
The meek shall inherit,
that’s what they tell me.
The dorks will be powerful,
Just wait and see.
We’ve got no where to go,
Nowhere but up.
So I’ll drink to you
‘Till I’ve emptied my cup.

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