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Fed up of being miserable all the f***ing time, no one cares, and the people that do don’t care enough. I thought friends were there for a reason, I was wrong.

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  1. Mia says:

    Yes, friends are there for a reason. What they mean is ACTUAL friends. WHat you have my dear are not actual friends. Friends are the people that no matter what kind of situation you are in they are right there either, by your side or grabbing you by the hood and draging you out of it. They’re there for you no matter the cost. YOu just have to find the right people. Granted sometimes it’s hard to make friends but once you open up just enough, it’s easy.

  2. Mia says:

    Ok I just kinda realized i didn’t really exactly put that in the right way. Ish sorry. People care, they do they just don’t show it very much as they should. People are a******s it’s life. but Friends are there till the very end. Let me put it this way. Zombie is chasing after you. a fake friend would trip you and keep running, a friend would help you up, a true friend would be there with a sawed off shotgun dragging you while trying to kill the zombie. Friends are hard to come by. But once you find them they’ll never leave you.

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