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Posted by on 2017/10/11 under Life

it's been a pleasant day, first it was really intense, i think there were a lot of disturbances in the unseen places, so there had to be enough to shake off and to allow to fall away all the excess. then things slowed down a bit, the heart was like a jewel in a oyster. it just sat there, bundled and safe. the breaths were back to normal, and the body, grounded.
though it seems, is much easy to get attached and if we attach to the wrong things, then they can really influence, not in the sense they can shift and change but also be used as catalyst to let off the excess and let go what needs to be gone and allow to stay what needs to stay.
though i can understand why the energies were shifting in their respectable manner, there was the space time of congruent moments which perhaps didn't make sense entirely however their effects were equally felt to some measure that the remnants of those experiences left a shadow aspect that rekindled inkling of those both comfortable and uncomfortable feelings. emotions, motion up and around causing stirs.
though let me tell you why this time it's different. although, i don't like to try to convince through words. however, i can understand the necessity of a clarifying factor calling into question or/some sort of understanding in the way of carrying out the duties that are called forth for by the soul's own query.
because they are valid.
therefore, they must be taken care of.
this will change some things in the way of the flow of overall elements that cause and effect and contradict and cause paradoxes as well as circumstances that make the flow of life.
however, it's also that, it's through such changes that we come together alright.
the plane of existence where love abides as the highest frequency, the bigger love is the one that lets go the small things, it's also the bigger love that lets go.
it's both exhilarating and hard to see a lot of things playing in existence field. thus the river flows, where the rays of the sun follows with the moonlit night light up the sky like some thing. i don't know what. but it's magnificent and that's all i can say for.
it's been a long time since i've felt this good, this high, this loved, this safe, and awe.
id' like to give back but i wish i knew what the society would ask from me or how it would be treated on its bad days.
sometimes i like things spelt to me. some cues get past me.
other than that, blessed day. put a smile on me.

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    all this is bulls***

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