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Posted by on 2012/03/05 under Uncategorized

I haven’t really been eating. That is to say, I have been eating less and less every day. Yesterday I had a few crackers. I’m not trying to lose weight, no, everyone already says I’m tiny, and if anything I could afford to gain a few pounds. But I’m just not hungry. I have no appetite. Food does not appeal to me at all. But the scariest thing is, diabetes runs in my family. I’ve been showing symptoms. I really don’t want to tell anyone because they might make me eat… And then if they find out I’m not eating they might think I’m anorexic. And the biggest problem with my family is that they absolutely can’t stand anorexic-bulimic people, or people who say depressing things or thing depressing thoughts. In my parents minds, and even those of my little brothers, people like that are all attention whores without lives. So even if there is something wrong with me, there is a pretty good chance I’ll just be told to stop being such a pussy and eat a burger. I don’t know what to do.

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