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Love? heh waste of time. for me.. i’ve been in so many relationships and i loved but i have only truly been in love with one person and that person was Jordan.. mann i was with him for so long. i was so happy with him. until he cheated on me and that tore me apart. that little bit of happiness i had gone away and might not ever come back. people say it’s just a phase people say ohh you’ll get over it he’s not worth it but to me he is. I’d take a bullet for him any day i love him with all i have and more. he hurt me so bad and yet i’m running back.. it’s been four months since our break up and i still haven’t let go and probably won’t he made me happy and i don’t get happy. i just want him as mine again i’d do anything to have him back. i risk getting my heart broken again i risk it because i love him. i’m dying more and more each day he’s gone. thinking and even knowing about him having a girlfriend rips me apart. he say’s he still loves and cares about me and that tears me up. I gave him everythng i had plus more and it still isn’t enough. i put my heart on the line everday for him. i just want him to come back so bad. i pray and pray but God never answer’s i suppose he has a reason but i’ve been suffering so bad from it. if i can’t have him then i want my life to end either way i want to die. i wish he could see what he puts me through. I wish i could stop this heart ache. My heart is hurting so bad.. i wish it would end. he was the only thing that made me happy and now he’s gone if i could turn back time and change the past i would. R.I.P. our relationship may 4,2011

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