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I feel that i shouldn’t be alive. i want to die so bad but nobody understands. it isn’t a cry for help or for attention it’s just what i feel and want. i think life is pointless i mean why do i have to be alive i don’t enjoy it. i’m ugly and fat. I don’t deserve to be loved or cared about. No one gets what i go through. my parents think i’m faking it but i don’t have a reason to it’s all true no lies. i want to just slit my neck or even my wrists. i want to die in the most painful way posssible aand if someone could watch it. heh even better. i regret plenty of decisions in my life. i just wish it would end. people think they know but they don’t know anything and if i told them it would be a big joke and they wouldn’t believe me.

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    Watch Wristcutters a love story. Everything here has a purpose. Every life has a purpose. But here’s the catch. YOu have figure it out. Life’s a game pretty much. YOu just have to play it. Or you could think of it as a poker game. SOmetimes you just have to fold other times you have to put on your best face and bluff the whole way and make your opponet think you have the best hand. Yes life sucks but it always gets better but if you want to off yourself ok i cant stop you but why try and make better of yourself. Everyone has a purpose it’s just finding it is hard part. But then again thats what i think It’s not like anyone else cares about what ithink but oh well.

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