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i dont know why i do this again and again! i used to like someone over the net, then i found out it never works. I promised myself after, that i will stop liking every good looking person. Now after two years, i started liking someone again. And i’ve never even met him. But i like him alot. And i want him to like me back- but ofcourse i cant expect him to, coz we’ve never met. Now i always have butterflies in stomach coz i’m always waiting for him to message me back- i get soo excited that i start feeling sick! I don’t want to be sad because i know i will when we won’t talk anymore-coz that always happens when you like someone over the net. I’m just soo naive 🙁 I cant stop thinkin about him the whole week and i don’t know how to distract myself-coz whenever i succeed, i start thinking about him again and feel sick. i don’t know what to do

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  1. Farnoosh says:

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