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Posted by on 2011/05/16 under Uncategorized

Another day of messaging you and getting no reply…. I hate that about you… Why why do you do it….. your not that busy that you cant put two words together..hell thats about all you ever put together anyway…. why why do you do it to me…. I feel like a yo yo just when i think you have tossed me out to spin around wondering you all of a sudden pull me back in then next thing your throwing me away again…..are you that undecided on what you want or is it that i have ties and that keeps you at bay….. If for once in your life you just put it out there i could and would get the feeling of where you are headed and what you want…. I know its wrong of me to stay in the relationship I am in just because you cant tell me what you want but its also hard when there are kids involved….I dont want it to seem like I am using my husband just by keeping him around because we cant get our act together but I do need to think of the kids but I know that they would cope no matter what… I need to think of me….I am not getting any younger and I need to make me happy and to make me happy then I need to let go of the security that I have to go into the unknown with you… will you walk into that unknown with me……answer me baby ….. WILL YOU?????

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