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Posted by on 2017/09/08 under Life

I was hungry in the evening when I asked mom to cook something.My mom always shouts and that is normal to us.Abnormal is when she don't shouts so you can figure out how much tensed environment my home have.Anyway I wanted dinner and I went downstairs to find food and saw everyone just ate I asked mom why did she didn't prepared food for me? She started giving excuses.I felt bad.And I left kitchen and went upstairs back to my room.I told her that she is a shame on being a dignity called mother. SHE told that she works for 12 hours and can't prepare food.We have a maid who prepares food and I practically never seen mom in the kitchen.I was upset and hungry's 1 o'clock in the morning n I last ate in the evening.Huh ! I am planning to starve and die! Okay bye

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