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Posted by on 2017/08/09 under Life

I gave you 10 years of my life just for you to shatter it . I forgave you, just for to break my heart again 30 days later. I still again gather my broken pieces to make a model of a heart and forgave you. With all this heart break you tried to make me believe that it was my fault you hurt me and crushed my soul broken my heart. Now we here at this place where im hurting crushed and broken because you couldn't be what I needed you to be and it resulted into me being what you didn't want me to be. Its hard to trust the untrusted you had me I thought I had you but all along I had no one. How to overcome this cause love is why im still here but its eating at me to be here!

2 thoughts on “you torn my heart into pieces

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey honey ❤ it’s hard. Right now it’s super hard. It was 10 years. You can’t just move on and forget about it. Ten years of your life… What that other person did hurt you in the worst way possible. They broke your heart and trust. But you know what? If after spending 10 years with you they still did not see what a masterpiece you truly are then they did not deserve you. You are absolutely stunning and amazing. You deserve someone who loves you and appreciates you for who you are and not someone who can’t tell you are a treasure 🙂

    1. Anonymous says:

      You are right I feel the same way. I feel like I should have been worth more to a person I gave my life and time and a child to this man and just feel like ill never really get over this without the proper closure, that I feel I haven’t got yet so im still feeling theres something he is still trying to hide.I just want to thank you so much for just listening to me and you replied and made my day thank you so much!

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